Our mission is to provide a quality product that will help protect your dog, while designing a coat that is comfortable enough for them to play, roll around, be silly and do everything dogs do! We are committed to providing a product that is trendy, durable and use materials that have been scientifically tested. We are also committed to the keeping manufacturing in Canada.

The Iron Pup


Founded: 2016

Owner: Jasmine Montreuil


​You may have noticed that coyotes are becoming a real problem in both rural and urban areas for our dogs. It seems like there are more and more sightings, and attacks each year. One article cited over 500 coyote encounters a year in one Ontario region alone (http://www.insidehalton.com/news-story/5613660-burlington-advises-residents-of-possible-increased-coyote-sightings/). Coyotes are becoming more confident despite the people, noise and hustle and bustle of the city and suburban areas. For anyone who worries about their pup, especially medium sized pups and smaller, checkout our online store. ​

Company Profile

Our Mission

The Company

My name is Jasmine, owner of The Iron Pup. The company started as an effort to protect my little cockapoo Abby, after moving to a house in a heavily forested area.  Each night, she would wake up shaking to the howls of coyotes that would hunt in the farmer’s fields behind our backyard. The sound was downright frightening! I had to protect her in some way and the first thought that came to mind was Kevlar, the material used in correctional vests. Ah ha! If it could protect a person from a knife, then it could protect my dog from a coyote. This was the start of the journey and our mission is to help all dogs, living in both rural and urban areas that may be at risk.

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