The Pet Lives We Impact

RECENT INCIDENT: "Our dog, Marzie, ran across the creek behind our house and then out of sight behind some willows. Bill heard her yelp as he followed. When he went around the bushes, he saw Marzie by a coyote. She ran back towards him and the coyote loped away. Bill did not see the interaction between the dog and coyote, but the coyote hairs that got stuck on the patch of her iron pup are evidence that there was contact. Thank you! We are sure that the iron pup prevented a bad outcome.” 




“I live in the Beaches and I can’t believe how many coyote sightings and attacks there have been. I’m so thankful that this product is available!”

– Elle Andrews

My name is Jasmine, owner of The Iron Pup. The company started as an effort to protect my little cockapoo Abby, after moving to a house in a heavily forested area. 

Our Mission

You may have noticed that coyotes are becoming a real problem in both rural and urban areas for our dogs. It seems like there are more and more sightings, and attacks each year.

Our mission is to provide a quality product that will help protect your dog, while designing a coat that is comfortable enough for them to play, roll around, be silly and do everything dogs do!

The Issues